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How many shirts do you prefer? Some of them
Location Whisky Land
Gender Male
Quote !!!!!
Occupation IT Service Manager

Favourite Food Nice food.
Do you like biscuits? I would not like to rely on one in a space film
Browser Pale Moon
Last album bought Haven't a clue!
Game mainly playing Yep, I mainly play games.
Book currently reading None right now.
Last film watched You expect me to update this that regularly?
What is the last thing you retained? The will to live.

Computer Tech
Ask me about Fixing PCs, upgrading PCs, destroying PCs.
Motherboard Yes, I have several of those.
Internet Connection Yep, Got one of these as well!
Monitor and resolution 30" Dell (16:10 FTW!) & two 20" Dell screens (1600x1200)
OS IRIX 6.5.30 & IRIX 6.5.22
HD Got dozens of those!
RAM 4GB & 384MB
CPU MIPS R14000 600MHz & MIPS R10000 195MHz

Other Hardware
Console Wii
Camera My phone...
Transportation (Bike) BMW R1150R Rockster, (Car) Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake
Phone Samsung Galaxy S20
Personal music system Sugden A48 Mk II