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How many shirts do you prefer? 42
Location Manchester
Quote wo0f
Occupation Head of IT, financial place.

MSN Messenger
XBL GamerTag Gunstar Zero

Favourite Food bacon
Browser Firefox
Game mainly playing Eve Online
Book currently reading The Temporal Void
Last film watched Quantum of Solace.

Computer Tech
Ask me about Sleeping
Motherboard EVGA 680i / water cooled
Internet Connection ADSL2
Monitor and resolution 2 x 22s
OS Vista
GFX XFX 8800 Ultra, clocked at 675 & 2200
HD Velociraptor
CPU E6600 clocked at 3.5

Other Hardware
Console 360 / Wii
Camera ixus of some sort
Transportation '07 Audi A3, 2.0 TDI DPF 170bhp S-line
Phone iPhone
Personal music system PC