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How many shirts do you prefer? one in every colour please
Location Ontario, Canada
Gender Female
Quote Birds are happier than men. Its the wings that make all the difference.
Occupation I hire people. And sometimes I fire people. I hate my job.

MSN Messenger linnlost at live dot com
Skype ID Indyls
XBL GamerTag Indyls
Steam Community ID Linn

Favourite Food chocolate of course
Do you like biscuits? Only the rectangular kind
Browser IE
Game mainly playing World of Warcraft, Warhammer
Last film watched Films are the same as movies right? I can't remember either way.
What is the last thing you retained? I tried to retain a goat once. Left a nasty scar it did.

Computer Tech
Ask me about Trees. I'm pretty good at identifying trees...oh, you meant...never mind
Motherboard yup
Internet Connection yes. Cable
Monitor and resolution pretty colours!
GFX more pretty colours!
HD yup again, 2
RAM lots
CPU check

Other Hardware
Console pretty much all of them
Camera Canon 1D Mrk 2n
Transportation daydreams mostly
Phone nope, hate'um
Personal music system I hum sometimes, and whistle on occasion