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How many shirts do you prefer? 42
Gender Male
Quote People who do not trust others aren't trustworthy themselves.

Skype ID mranders1

Favourite Food The list is too long.
Do you like biscuits? I like some of them
Browser Firefox. What else is there?
Last album bought Album?
Game mainly playing Life
Last film watched Chasing Amy - heh.
What is the last thing you retained? I forget.

Computer Tech
Ask me about time.
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H
Internet Connection Wicked Fast 150/150
Monitor and resolution Yes, and I don't believe in them.
OS Mint 17
GFX The GTX465 died, so onboard now. Can't be arsed to buy a new one.
HD Usually.
RAM Dodge

Other Hardware
Console I have been known to.
Transportation Planes, trains, automobiles
Phone Mobile only