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How many shirts do you prefer? Two stiched together to get around my expanding gut
Location Sheffield
Gender Male
Quote shit dude
Occupation IT/Network Guy

AOL IM gay
Yahoo Messenger gay
ICQ Number gay
MSN Messenger punkmikey@yahoo.com

Favourite Food Curry!
Do you like biscuits? I like some of them
Browser Firefox, like all intelligent people
Last album bought Crisis by Alexisonfire
Game mainly playing UT3
Book currently reading A what?
Last film watched Pr0n

Computer Tech
Ask me about Linux, GFX cards, networking hardware, VoIP
Motherboard Abit IP-35
Internet Connection 4mb cable
Monitor and resolution 20" NEC 20WGX2 @ 1680*1050
OS Gentoo Linux (AMD64)/Vista x64
GFX 8800GTS 640MB
HD 400GB, 250GB sata drives
RAM 4x 512MB 800MHz stuff
CPU Q6600 OC'd to 3GHz

Other Hardware
Console Wii + DS
Camera Ixux 65
Transportation legs
Phone yep
Personal music system Cowon D2 (IT PLAYS OGGs!)