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How many shirts do you prefer? 17
Location Scotland
Gender Female
Quote "This profile is increasingly out of date"
Occupation Geek, leader of geeks.

MSN Messenger

Favourite Food Steak (or it was until six months in a Beefeater changed all that)
Do you like biscuits? I like some of them
Browser Firebadger
Last album bought Grant Hart - The Argument (signed "To Kenny - To the rescue - Grant Hart")
Game mainly playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Book currently reading Christopher Brookmyre - The Sacred Art of Stealing
Last film watched The Awakening
What is the last thing you retained? The lyrics to that song about foxes

Computer Tech
Ask me about VB, ASP, Perl, Whisky, bumping up the AGP voltage of your Radeon card to stop it crashing.
Motherboard No idea - the Purlple Soltek is deid from capacitor rot.
Internet Connection Powered by Virgins
Monitor and resolution Some slightly aged TFT - the old Sony CRT finally died a couple of years ago
OS Windows 7
GFX Not a Radeon 9500 Pro - maybe some kind of ATI
HD Yes
RAM some Gig
CPU Some kind of multi-core thing

Other Hardware
Console no
Camera Canon S95
Transportation Legs
Phone No
Personal music system Unbelievably complicated.