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How many shirts do you prefer? Two
Location Planet Earth
Gender Male
Quote Everybody makes mistakes. Like, putting on Tuesday's underwear when it's really Wednesday.
Occupation Dev Ops Systems Administrator

Favourite Food Anything that isn't brussel sprouts
Do you like biscuits? Only the rectangular kind
Browser Google Chrome
Last album bought Soundgarden - King Animal
Game mainly playing Prey
Last film watched Alien Covenant
What is the last thing you retained? Water

Computer Tech
Ask me about PHP. MySQL. Beehive. Fixing your PC.
Motherboard ASUS Z87-WS
Internet Connection BT Fibre Broadband
Monitor and resolution 2x Dell U2412M
OS Windows 10 Pro
GFX AMD Radeon R9 280
HD Samsung 840 Pro 240GB SSD
RAM Corsair 6GB PC16000 DDR3
CPU Intel Core i7 4970K

Other Hardware
Console PS4
Camera Nexus 5x
Transportation Hyundai ix20
Phone Nexus 5x
Personal music system Amazon Prime Music