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How many shirts do you prefer? Plenty much enough shirts please.
Location Sheffield, UK
Gender Male
Occupation Self employed sound engineer + PC techy type

Steam Community ID dylofpoke
MySpace dylofpoke

Do you like biscuits? I like some of them
Browser Mozilla Firefox mainly
Last album bought Bought? What's that?
Game mainly playing Just done Portal, it was good. HL2 ep1 next.
Book currently reading Virtual Light by William Gibson.

Computer Tech
Ask me about Microphones or slimemould.
Internet Connection TalkTalk ADSL
Monitor and resolution Dell CRT and an old Panasync 5G @ 1152*summat.
OS XP Pro forever probably.
GFX GF 7600 GS
HD Samsung 500GB SATA
RAM 3 gig of DDR2 667
CPU Intel 2160 dual core pentium thing.

Other Hardware
Console snake on my phone
Camera Pentax K100D and a Canon S5 IS
Transportation bicycle, car, legs, buses.
Phone Nokia 1100 and I love it.
Personal music system Nokia N770 and a wee old Samsung mp3 player.