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How many shirts do you prefer? As many as are necessary
Location US - Pennsylvania
Gender Male
Quote I've not even begun to be done!
Occupation IT Manager

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Favourite Food Pizza
Do you like biscuits? I would not like to rely on one in a space film
Browser Chrome
Last album bought WTF? What's an album?
Game mainly playing Playing? Who has time?
Book currently reading None ATM
Last film watched Deadwood - It's TV.
What is the last thing you retained? water?

Computer Tech
Ask me about Guns
Motherboard Fatherboard!
Internet Connection 25/5 Cable
Monitor and resolution Too small, my eyes burn!
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CPU i5

Other Hardware
Console Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3
Camera Samsung Galaxy S3
Phone Samsung Galaxy S3
Personal music system Samsung Galaxy S3