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How many shirts do you prefer? Lots
Location Nottingham
Gender Male
Quote Small episodes of brilliance followed by prolonged periods of rest
Occupation Sales Rep - Electrosurgical Devices for Operating Theatres

MSN Messenger fozza101@hotmail.com

Favourite Food Mexican / Sushi
Do you like biscuits? I like some of them
Browser Firefox
Last album bought Best of Euphoric Dance
Game mainly playing Sins of the Solar Empire / Army of Two
Book currently reading Sword of Shanarrrraaaa
Last film watched Love Actually
What is the last thing you retained? My Xmas weight :(

Computer Tech
Ask me about Gadgets
Motherboard Dual Core AMD
Internet Connection 2mb
Monitor and resolution 19"; Samsung 1680x1050 / NEC 1280x1240 Dual Setup
GFX Radeon X1900
HD 300gb +120gb
CPU Dual Core 4400

Other Hardware
Console Modded Xbox / PS3x2
Camera Cannon 500D
Transportation BMW 3 Series 2008
Phone Apple Iphone 4S
Personal music system Apple Iphone 4S