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How many shirts do you prefer? Depends on the colour
Location Manchester
Gender Unspecified
Quote So fetch!
Occupation Account Services Specialist

MSN Messenger
Skype ID psycho_geezer
Wii Friends Code 6798 9593 1490 2689
Steam Community ID psycho_geezer
Facebook ID dangill
Twitter psycho_geezer
3DS friend code 3695 0010 9792

Favourite Food Pizza
Do you like biscuits? I would not like to rely on one in a space film
Browser Chrome
Last album bought Don't remember
Game mainly playing TF2 and Batman Arkham City
Book currently reading The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
Last film watched Pitch Perfect
What is the last thing you retained? Fat

Computer Tech
Ask me about Harry Potter
Motherboard Have one
Internet Connection Faster than it used to be
Monitor and resolution Colour!!!
OS Windows 8
GFX Pretty
HD Big
RAM Lots
CPU Have one

Other Hardware
Console Wii U
Camera The boyfriends or the one on my phone
Transportation Bus
Phone One Plus One
Personal music system Youtube