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How many shirts do you prefer? Ni!
Location London
Gender Male
Quote Shit Happens!
Occupation IT systems person thing

Facebook ID Sergiu Panaite

Favourite Food Alcooooooohol.
Do you like biscuits? I would not like to rely on one in a space film
Browser Chrome
Last album bought *giggle*
Game mainly playing Steam stuff. Hi PB!
Book currently reading Rea... wha?
Last film watched Keeps changing
What is the last thing you retained? A receipt, most likely

Computer Tech
Ask me about Anything IT, making customers feel stupid.
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R rev 1.0
Internet Connection Some sort of uber fast thing.
Monitor and resolution Two 1080p
OS Windows 8.1
GFX ATi R9 290x
HD Lots, the pr0n needs space :(
RAM 8GB PC2-8500
CPU Q9550 @ 3.9GHz

Other Hardware
Console Sega MegaDrive
Camera Olympus E510
Transportation Tube / Citroen C5
Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Personal music system Anthem MRX300 and STUFF