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 From:  ANT_THOMAS  
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My first vote in my new constituency (Keighley and Ilkley).
Voted Labour
Stayed Tory

Was projected to change hands in the lead up but I didn't believe the polls. Stayed Tory by a decent margin in comparison to the rest of the UK.

Ilkley is very Tory.
Bradford Council is Labour led and is generally seen as bad. Easy attack line.
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 From:  Oscarvarium (OZGUR)  
 To:  ANT_THOMAS     
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Are we neighbours now!? I was quite shocked by Keighley not swinging the small amount it would have needed to flip, since it has been such a marginal seat in recent elections.

(I consider getting rid of Philip Davies in Shipley an acceptable alternative)

Also, I can't think of a signature, any ideas?
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