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 From:  Drew (X3N0PH0N)   
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I used to listen to music more in the past. Though I never listened to it as much or cared about it as much as my peers.

Aaactually, as a young kid I didn't really like music at all. I remember on Saturday morning TV they'd have sections where popular band would play latest song and my friends were often into it and I found it interminably boring. That's not to say I hated *all* music I heard but I hated most, and loved none.

The first time I loved music was when I heard Straight Outta Compton when I was 12 or so. That was the first time when I understood what people felt when they listened to music.

From there I branched out a bit into blues, funk, classical, jazz even country and bluegrass and stuff. And those are still the genres I enjoy from time to time.

So I'd say... yeah, from 13ish to 18ish I liked music more than I do now. And, as you said, it was part of a time in my life, part of growing up and figuring out what I like and don't.

But now I feel more like I did as a young kid. Maybe a new genre will awaken my music-liking again at some point!
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