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 From:  Dr Nick (FOZZA)  
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RIP Angela Lansbury.

Use to watch murder she wrote as a kid with my grandma. It was time not to be missed. 
She was another one of those people a bit like the Queen who you always expected to just be there. Sure they can get old but you just imagined they would just keep getting older :-( 

Sad , however great life, and great innings. 

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 From:  graphitone  
 To:  Dr Nick (FOZZA)     
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Hah, I used to do something very similar with my grandma - used to go round on a weekend and stay over, and we'd watch the Golden Girls and Prisoner Cell Block H. It's odd what you get into as a kid just by being exposed to it over and over, I had no real interest in either show, and the humour and storylines went over my head but I still remember those times maybe not as halcyon days, but a happy time.
I then got into Cagney and Lacey and late night crime shows I used to watch with my mum which definitely included Murder She Wrote.
One of those gems from the 80s that just seem to stick around in public consciousness.
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The US state of Maine, where I went to junior high and high school, started a pottery business with my mom, and lived a few years thereafter, occupies an odd place in the American psyche, due in no small part to the stereotype-amplifying contributions of MSW, and Steven King, a vacationland of rough but honest and good-hearted lobstermen and other, assorted rustics. Ayuh.
"Globe-trotting botanists beaten to death and fed to crocodiles"
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