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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)   
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I haven't seen all of Christopher Nolan's films, but I have seen several. When he goes for entertainment, mindless or otherwise, he seems to score. I'd say Dunkirk (for example) is serious entertainment and not a bad war film at all. The Batman movies are mindless and fun. When he has a crack at being a bit clever (Inception, Interplanetary, Tenet) he comes unstuck. Inception is the best of that little bundle IMHO, and works quite well as high-concept escapist fun. Interplanetary is great to look at, but the so-called clever story relies on a not especially clever device of having something inexplicable near the start of the film that turns out to be something even less well-explained happening at the end. (Please don't explain it to me. I've heard the explanation and it's about as intellectually challenging as the magic in a Sinbad movie and half as honest).

As for Tenet: I'll give it another go, just in the hope that it's not as bad as the first viewing suggested. I saw a review that suggested I would need to be an "expert" in metaphysics to follow the story. I don't think the world of metaphysics need be unduly troubled by Tenet. Maybe a world where metaphysics has "experts" might be.

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