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Okidoke! So, I read and watched a few early reviews of the Quest 3. The consensus seemed to be that mixed reality is a let down (lack of material and quality not there yet), but the hike in resolution and processor power is great with screen door almost gone, field of view bigger, immersion much improved. 

Now I've read a few more recent reviews, particularly from actual users and things are far less clear. In particular many users are saying that subjectively the Quest 2 is actually more immersive than the 3. This is, apparently, a combination of effects. One unexpected problem is that the sharper lenses make the screen door effect more or a problem, not less. In addition, the quality control is poor, with some models markedly worse than others: dead pixels, poor focus, uneven brightness etc. Of course, this isn't the whole picture and some users are happy that the 3 is a vast improvement over the 2. 

I think I'll be giving the 3 a miss for now. 

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