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 From:  Manthorp  
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42838.1 the ripe-ish age of 82. I admired him greatly, particularly for Targets, which he assembled as a callow youth under contract to Roger Corman to make a film out of 20 minutes of footage of an unreleased Karloff movie and a handful of days of live shooting.

He turned out an extraordinary thriller that speaks as loud to Merkan gun culture today as it did then. Then made shitloads of other good stuff.

I doff my cap.

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I worked on a "multimedia cd-rom" project in the mid-90s, for another one of Corman's ex-assistants. There were, shall we say, financing issues.
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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)  
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I can't really pick a favourite and he did make shitloads of good stuff.

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