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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)   
 To:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)     
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falls ever so slightly flat for me

Yes, I know what you mean. We saw the film on a Wednesday and on Friday Mrs WilliamA remarked to me (as we were out on our morning walk) that Dune hadn't had the same impact as many big movies we'd been to see. She said that it felt a bit as though we'd ticked it off our list of films to see and that was that. 

That's what I meant about it being a bit like one of those LPs (when they were a thing) that you felt you needed a few listens to before deciding.

I also wondered the exact same thing about how well it works if you don't know the story. Lynch's version got a lot of stick for a confused narrative, but Villeneuve's version seemed to have a great many good-looking "scenes" where characters told each other what was happening. For example, it was lucky that Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho) told us about how fearsome the Sardaukar troops were, because apart from a scene where they stood around while somebody with a CGI growly voice moaned at them, they seemed a bit like any other extras doing cosplay.

He May Be Your Dog But He's Wearing My Collar

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 From:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)  
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Yeah - neither of us enjoyed Arrival, Gaynor because she's a fan of Contact, and me because I'm a fan of Slaughterhouse 5. We thought it was trying too hard to be clever, and didn't quite manage it.

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