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Well I have say it sounds pretty much as I expected: moar Fry Cry, bigger, better, faster etc. Which is no bad thing. Way out of spec for my pc though  :-( . Still playing in my FC5 sandbox, probably north of 10-hours/week. I should check my stats ...

2024 hours played  :-O

372 in Arcade (looks like it's been ditched for 6)

180 outposts captured (maybe they include Arcade outposts?)

107,000 NPC kills

51,000 headshots

536 takedowns

4166 hostages rescued

Not listed: GFH & FFH revived, helis shot down, trucks blowed up ... surely several 100s/1000s

Some stats look wrong. 30 fish caught? I only remember maybe 3? Not a fan of the fishing.

"masters in the dark art of making a vast audience watch something they are not interested in just to know what the hell an even vaster audience is talking about"
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