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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)  
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Anybody watching this?

Mixed reviews. Some very bad, some very good. Seen the first five now. My take on it is that it's good mindless entertainment with enough proper story to keep me watching. I read the books when I was about 14 and read every sci-fi book I could get my hands on. The series resembles the books rather than following them, which is no big deal. I enjoyed the books but they aren't exactly great works of literature, so I have no issues with divergence from them (many of the reviews seem to confuse the story's epic sprawl over the centuries with epic writing - which it isn't).

The budget is enormous and it shows, especially in the special effects and CGI which is easily up there with best cinema stuff. Apparently the first season of 10 episodes cost as much as 5 full length movies. The acting and direction varies between excellent and average. The worst parts are when the characters are trying to be serious or portentous, when they could be in some of the weaker scenes from the 100.

He May Be Your Dog But He's Wearing My Collar

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 To:  william (WILLIAMA)     
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good mindless entertainment with enough proper story to keep me watching.
This could be an evergreen review for 99% of the recent series we've watched, including STD.
"Restaurant plants Japanese flag in seafood dish moulded in shape of islands that are also claimed by South Korea "
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