Games (inc Online)Any market for old PC CD-ROMS?


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 From:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)  
 To:  ALL
...or are they destined for landfill?

Doing a bit of a clear-out, and I have realised I've got a shelf-load of PC games from the mid-90s until digital distribution took over. None of them are particularly unusual or sought-after, as far as I'm aware.

Is it even worth giving them to a charity shop, or should I save them the hassle of taking them to the dump by taking them to the dump myself?

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 To:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)     
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One day there will be an apocalypse, all connected devices will be fried, and then there will be no net.

That's when you will haul out your mid-90s pc, empty out the mothballs and rat baits, and fire it up in all its 16 MB (!) glory -- and install those precious, cd-rom games you have cunningly hoarded.


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 From:  Dave!!  
 To:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)     
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Landfill I think. I used to keep quite a few of my favourite old games like that, but these days it is often easier to pay a couple of quid to and get a tweaked version that runs on a modern OS. I doubt charity shops would have any use for them unless someone knows differently?

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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)  
 To:  Kenny J (WINGNUTKJ)     
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I suppose if some of them are rare classic games in pristine boxes with all the all the collectors' gubbins intact they might fetch a few quid on ebay.

But yeah, what Dave said about GOG. I tried to get some old DOS/W95 Zork games to work but they were unplayable until I gave in and spent the extortionate £1.99 (or whatever. They're £4 something now) they wanted.

My son had dozens of games, maybe a hundred or more, but he solved the keep/resell question, by immediately taking them out of their cases and storing them in a pile on the floor so that now they have no resale value and only about one in ten can even be read by a DVD drive.

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