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In the end, I suspect that some here would be pleased as punch if America were to fail, despite the fact that America's failure would also drag the rest of the world with it. I find it curious that some here would derive such perverse pleasure at the thought of such massive problems as if there aren't enough already. 

Perhaps some are like Germans, according a German named Berndt, who told me: "Some Germans are only happy when they are unhappy".

But I digress.

  Did you ever see such a messed up situation in your whole life, son?
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 From:  Manthorp  
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I find it curious why there is always the jump to ascerbic statement and bitter criticism.
Only with you, because you're a troll.

"We all have flaws, and mine is being wicked."
James Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks 1951
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