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Yes, I saw that. It looks interesting. One thing that did occur to me is that there are a couple of fellers who spent years, literally, enhancing Babylon 5 using more conventional techniques. I wonder how that would look if given the Topaz treatment. I have the current state of play which is good, but far from perfect.

If anybody's interested, here's a couple of short clips:

1) this is the opening of Spaced, episode 1, straight from the DVD. Technically it's 576P, but as it was shot on video tape for CRT televisions, that doesn't mean much.

2) this is the same clip fed through Topaz using the "Gaia-CG" profile with a target of MP4 1080P. 

The conversion took >2 hours and it's muted the sound a bit during the remux. If you do take a look, I recommend viewing at full screen as they can look a bit similar in a tiny little windowed player.

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