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Started an ebay return for the 'Cold Lazarus' disks and note that he's issued a refund before I've even printed off the return slip. I'm guessing he doesn't want any fuss. 

Had a scan through his feedback. Mainly positive (people are usually too nice) but a sprinkling of one-star complaints that his disks are counterfeit. TBH, these copies are so poorly produced that I wouldn't even call them counterfeit. Apart from the clumsy case-art, and absence of proper printing on the printable DVD-Rs they don't have a proper index/intro when you play them, just a one line menu with the header "Orbit" which I believe is the default "dummy" text for Nero. Which suggests that they aren't even DVD copies, but files he's got hold of from somewhere and compiled himself.

Oh well, the search for a decent copy continues.

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