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I'm trying to be green fingered. But up until recently, had zero interest.

When we got our house we really liked that the back garden had no lawn, was mostly 2 levels of decking with a decent sized driveway and had a scant flowerbed running up one side.

It's got to the point where it's embarrassing having the neighbour's gardens each side of us done out, so we're making an effort this summer to get stuff sorted.

A wall's being built along the edge and across the top of an open driveway (blue line in the picture), we've got a load of railway sleepers on order and I'm gonna build six 8'x4' raised planters for green stuff.

I've been looking into how you're supposed to line, fill and maintain these things. This guide seems pretty comprehensive, so gonna follow it and see how it goes. It'll probably be next year before we get anything grown, but I'm hoping for a decent vegetable crop - potatoes, courgette, beans, cabbage that sort of thing.

Got a shed going in at some point too on the flat concrete bit in the middle. I'm essentially using this project as an excuse to use moar power tools. Gonna need a mitre saw for the sleepers, a hefty drill for making the stays in the concrete and something to fill the shed. :C


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