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 From:  Peter (BOUGHTONP)  
 To:  ALL
I've been asked about getting a pre-CC Photoshop for Mac use - can anyone confirm where Jim keeps clean copies?

Apparently CS4 is buggy with the latest MacOS update, and they don't want to rent CC, but are also worried about ransomware/cryptominers/etc.

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 From:  ANT_THOMAS  
 To:  Peter (BOUGHTONP)     
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I tend to just use pirate bay and look for stuff that is verified in some way with good comments. Will likely need a mirror to get to it. Maybe rarbg.

I've recently done what you're looking to do for my girlfriends macbook that I think had CS5 which stopped working properly due to MacOS updates and I ended up jimming a CC version I think.

I'll be honest though, it was a pain in the arse to crack. Had to go to the mac command line and do some stuff, not really having a clue what I was doing. Eventually worked, but wouldn't remember how to repeat it.
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 From:  Peter (BOUGHTONP)  
 To:  ANT_THOMAS     
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I'd be nice to one day get to a point where updating software doesn't cause more problems than it fixes. :/
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