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 From:  lp  
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\m/ We are Gods at This Type of Thing \m/
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 From:  ANT_THOMAS   
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What's everyone's 'rona update now we're well in to Season 2?

I had returned to the office for 2 days/week, but after next week I will be WFH full time again. We were encouraged to return, so people did. Now we've been told to go on a rota and not be in the office full time.

When I was there I preferred to be there, when I'm at home I feel like I prefer being at home. So I guess overall I'm happy being back in the office or WFH. I think the 2 day balance worked for me.

There's been a number of cases at work where people who have been in close contact with those testing positive being asked to isolate for 2 weeks. Quite a large and important team have just gone in to isolation which could be interesting (in a how do we handle that kind of way since they're a team where the majority of their work is very much on site).

We've not had an "outbreak" yet, which hopefully is because our measures have been good enough. Social distancing (though plenty don't) and face coverings on at all times seem to be working. Though I bet if we mass tested all staff we'd have a load of cases.

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 From:  milko  
 To:  ANT_THOMAS      
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Our London office is gone, lease expired in September. We plan to get a smaller nicer one at some point, for people who prefer it and then some desks for others to come in once or twice a week or whatever. And meetings I guess. 

I went to our HQ in Slough for a meeting a while back, that lot (print, accounts) had been back since May and it was weird. They're all like "want a cup of tea?" relaxed about everything and I was the weird one saying "erm, no?" and stuff. Just familiarity breeding complacency all over the place.

Anyway, WFH full time still. If they close the schools it's going to be horrible, but as long as the boy's back in we're coping ok. If sport shuts down again (lol I did quite a lot of work for the rugby match not happening tomorrow in Twickenham) then we'll be back to needing furlough to stay afloat but for the time being things are almost normal on that front.
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 From:  Dave!!  
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Full time WFH here. Some of our offices have opened again in limited fashion, but as I'm 3 hours drive from the nearest one, I rarely go in anyway except for meetings, and they've all been online for quite some time now. Doubt I'll visit a company office until next year at the earliest.

Cases are fairly low here (north of Aberdeen), hope it stays that way!

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