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 From:  milko  
 To:  william (WILLIAMA)     
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nah, up and about now thanks. Stamina might be a bit on the low side but that could equally be down to lack of opportunity to do much that'd keep it up!
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 From:  Rich  
 To:  milko     
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Belated congratulations on beating off (yj) the covids.

Glad you’re better now and the fam didn’t get it. I’m asthmatic too so pretty concerned it’ll be a bit dodge if I were to get it.
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 From:  ANT_THOMAS  
 To:  ALL
Read the other day that my blood condition is one that's been pointed out as a risk of if you do get it, you get it bad. Low T-Cells. Whilst I don't know if I specifically have low T-Cells, I know I have a low lymphocyte count which is the group they are part of. Exciting times!
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