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 From:  graphitone  
 To:  william (WILLIAMA)      
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I loved Pi and Requiem for a Dream, and I thought the wrestler was great too. It had that lo-fi realism of just telling a regular guys' story. Not seen Black Swan yet and given what I've heard I went be rushing to see it.

Currently working my way through a Hitchcock box set and finding some gems in there.
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 From:  milko  
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Nah, super-zoomed physical effects, it’s pretty cool really.
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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)   
 To:  graphitone     
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I wouldn't be put off by what people have said here (especially me) about Black Swan. You may be in the camp that thinks it's excellent. 

It is interesting though, the differing views and how strongly they are held. I suppose the Wachowskis are a case in point. They made a really cracking good SciFi movie in the Matrix and followed that with sequels which were described as anything from "great" to "abysmal". They made Cloud Atlas which definitely divided opinion, but also Jupiter Ascending which was universally panned. In their case, the occasional (hugely expensive) blotted copybook hasn't turned people against them in the way that I've seen people turn against Aronofsky.

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 To:  milko     
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Some of the mattes, yes. They *look* like they were composited with green screen shots in some digital compositing sw, to the same end: gorgeous, turgid, galumphing, overwrought (etc), and ultimately meaningless eye candy. Many directors have fallen under its spell. The only one I've seen that made it work in the context of adding value to the film as something other than a tediously long fx reel, was Peter Greenaway's Prosperos Books which, TBF also has fuckloads of nudity going for it.
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