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Almost finished, about 10-minutes left on the last episode (10), which seems to be mainly a kind of requiem.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, while it covered Watergate as part of a lengthy exposition of Nixon's wartime machinations and paranoia, the series didn't touch upon widespread domestic skullduggery by U.S. government agencies (notably the CIA and FBI), and by state and local police departments against activists, which ranged from building files on peaceful demonstrators, to infiltration, cultivating informers, provocateurs, blackmail, and even more sinister, manifestly harmful and illegal actions, including (it has been reputed) facilitating the large scale introduction and distribution of heroin to vulnerable communities, specifically to undercut dissent. (etc.)

So, not surprised or disappointed by this omission, but it does underscore the parameters of acceptable discourse for this project.
“Man jailed after his own dashcam filmed him dealing drugs”
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