Hardware"Cheap" OnePlus 7 (8GB TBH)


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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)   
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Yes, I did some searching a few years back when I got water all over my phone. Rice is popular, also silica gel. I never have silica gel to hand or hang on to those little sachets that come with some posh electricals or other dry goods (who does?). Silica gel, and possibly rice, works by absorbing moisture from the air. I suppose the theory is that in a confined space like a small sealed container if the air is dry then it will hold more moisture as it evaporates off your phone. 

Anyway, I opened Mrs WmA's phone up so that all the innards pointed skywards and sat it on our cable modem as that's the hottest place available. Seems to be behaving itself now, so it's off getting a charge.
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