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...two German sons of high-ranking nazis who administered a Polish region subjected to the Holocaust (both were very young at the time), one freely admits/wallows in his father's undoubted and undeniable guilt, the other is a kind of aging naif who seeks to contextualize and almost excuse the guilt of his father (and tellingly, later hooks up with neo-nazis).

The narrator/director, a human rights lawyer whose family was exterminated in that very region, gratuitously tries to impose his own pov on the proceedings -- which up to that point were very persuasive in their own right.

Regardless, a very interesting and important story.
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 From:  graphitone  
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This looks a worthy watch. 

Just finished a book about the Holocaust, giving a very frank and at times non-partisan account of the rise of the 3rd Reich up to the death camps and their dissolution. 

The worst humanity ever seems to have sunk to wasn't in Poland, but Romania and the endemic antisemitic zeitgeist in the 30s and 40s. Massacres weren't confined to out of way camps (and i don't want to downplay what went on in places like Auschwitz and Treblinka in terms of numbers murdered as that was catastrophic), but in the streets of urban areas. Chilling indeed. 

Does Romania get mentioned in the film at all?

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Pretty sure it was specific to Poland, where the two fathers served as high-ranking nazis charged with administering the Holocaust (both were convicted and, IIRC hanged at Nuremberg).
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