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Joaquin mumbles and hallucinates and flashbacks his way through this film and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood makes very loud discordant noises every now and again. Gotta love playing the volume up/down game trying desperately to hear the dialogue without being deafened immediately after (and this on a pretty good 5.1 setup). Freelance sex-trafficked-girl rescuer rescues a girl from sex trafficking but then it turns out that bigger powers were involved and she gets abducted again. I might've been a little startled by some of the lump-hammer action but I'd seen Kill List the night before so no. Phoenix does a good job of playing a damaged man in a bad situation.
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"mumbles and hallucinates" seems to be his shtick. He did it in The Master, and brilliantly in Inherent Vice.
“Heavy Metal Singer Kicks Phone Out of Fan’s Hands During Show”
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