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 From:  Chris (CHRISSS)  
 To:  milko     
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I watched it Monday. Also downloaded it, and with the lights off and my plasma I had no trouble watching it. I've seen lots of complaints about it being difficult to see though.

I thought it was a pretty epic episode. I felt pretty worn out after watching it though; plenty of tension and action. And lots of questions, or thought some bits were a bit silly.

I also liked the way they died. Almost looked like they were going to say a few last words, but just slipped away.

I still don't quite get the NK. Why was he after Bran? Why didn't he just use his dragon to kill him? Why fly around for a bit instead of just charging in and destroying him? He knocked down part of Winterfell with it. Why chase Danny and Jon instead of going straight for Bran?

I feel too many main characters are not dying now, even though they had so many wights attacking them. And now it feels like the exciting bit is done. Surely the rest won't be as exciting as this now.

Why, oh why is the last episode on the 19/20th? I'll be on holiday :'(

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 From:  Rowan  
 To:  Peter (BOUGHTONP)     
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Oh, hello!

Yes, the TV show was a bit over-hyped, though I watched it all. I wish it hadn't run ahead of the books, because now my enthusiasm for them is slightly dulled. The multi-year waits in between publications hasn't helped either, though.
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