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That's good to know as I will likely try to avoid them.
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This snippet isn't necessarily about a music player, but it could be. I know there are a few of teh people who play with the Raspberry Pi* sometimes. My son was running a Plex server from his laptop which wasn't especially convenient. He has an early Pi which definitely can't run Plex successfully, but was wondering whether the Pi4 was up to the task. He's been pretty low of late, so, being a kind dad I thought a little project might at least cheer him up a bit, so I bought him all the bits to give it a try.

Turns out that it works a treat. 

I'd read all kinds of reports that it runs hot when it idles, reaches horrific temperatures under load and can't manage really heavy lifting such as video transcoding. I know that recent firmware changes have tried to address the temperature issues, but again, reports I've seen have said that the difference is substantial, but maybe not enough to safely use the Pi4 for demanding roles. However, I did invest in one of these coolers to give him the best chance. I still thought it would have problems, especially doing something like streaming to a remote client.

It idles in the mid 30s Centigrade. I can direct stream from it at 1080P to my phone across t'web (he lives about 50 miles away) and it's incredibly smooth. Transcoding to 720P or lower is also perfectly acceptable without stutters of any kind. Temperatures when transcoding/streaming sit comfortably in the low 50s. That's better than my water-cooled desktop manages when transcoding.

So if you're wondering whether it's worthing trying the Pi4 for something demanding, there you go.

*I thought that suggesting teh peeps sometimes play with Raspberry Pis was taking the Pis a little.
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