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More fun Yeti DLC facts:

Yetis can't be one-shot killed with RPGs*, they can't even be 3-shot killed (they can be killed with multiple RPG/GL shots). Only one weapon is really useful against Yetis in all scenarios including CQB -- the AMR. They can be killed with 3 head shots from the SA50, but you won't want to chance it at close range, because Yetis move real quick.

*it occurs to me I didn't try the guided LK1018 launcher. Because seriously, the AMR trumps all GLs.

The buzzsaw is nice to have, but in most situations, not much better than any of the other LMGs. At mid-long range, an A52 assault rifle is much more accurate and deadly.

Unlike FC3, you can't trigger your own proximity mines, either in the auto-populated "mine-fields", or the tossers (I haven't tried this outside the DLC). You can get hurt by one of your mines triggered nearby by an enemy.

Well wowee, I'm slayin' 'em with 2 arrows tonight (arrows & bolts mod).
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