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With the notable exception of the now deceased, Dead Island and L4D franchises, I have always been disappointed by zombie-themed FPS. I took a run at Dying Light (DI's supposed successor), and may return to it in future. Its zombies are dangerous, but not scary and loathsome. The parkour thing is sort of fun until it turns into a puzzle-solving thing which is often. I played through Wolfenstein TOB, and while its set-designs were fantastic, the creatures were meh, and the zombies even moar meh (I got TNO as a twofer deal, haven't installed it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't).

Last night I drunk-bought Dead Living Zombies (DLC for FC5) for the princely sum of $Can. 3 and spun it up for a minute of gameplay before retiring. It appears to be be, more or less, worth the price of admission -- I'm seeing retread concepts stolen from L4D and TOB both (alas, none from DI). One original thing is the comical graphic novel storyline about a scriptwriter pitching these preposterous scenarios to skeptical studio heads. So that at least is different. I love trashy and stupid graphic novels, so long as they deliver on graphics and outre storylines.
“I bought the Kings of Leon album on Friday. For about $50 I get a digital download, NFT artwork and a limited gold vinyl edition of the album. Doesn't help that I really don't like Kings of Leon.”
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