Games (inc Online)Far Cry 4 $11.99 on Humble


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 From:  Manthorp  
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I dipped into the Vortex VR hack.

Being there was wonderful, but it didn't use the HTC wands and natch you can't see the keyboard controls. If I'd learnt it on a gamepad, it might have been a goer. Also, non-VR optimised ports = motion sickness.

"We all have flaws, and mine is being wicked."
James Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks 1951
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 To:  Manthorp     
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Looks pretty cool

If anyone is going to get motion sickness in gaming or riding a tightly-sprung auto through rolling hills, it's me.  (puke)
Short of some instruction on this matter, we are reduced to primal screams.
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