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Sporadically working my way through the replay. Got all the south end bases + forts capped, did one turn through the arena, and just spent ~6-hours dawdling through the sneak into Paul's hooker truck and go kidnap him from his torture ranch mission. I decided to see if I could kill everyone guarding the truck (obviously without triggering the alarm), about 10 guys, before climbing aboard. This took many, many tries -- they seem extra vigilant in this mission. I did it with the bow from the periphery, starting with the dog and slowly circling around, pausing after each hit for the "I think whoever did it, is gone" all clear. Anyway, while killing all the guards is in fact feasible (I did it twice), unfortunately it also seems to kill the script that triggers the cut scene of leaving on the truck and getting to said ranch. The screen goes black, you can still move around blindly (and open the map to check your position), but you ain't on the truck, and you don't go nowhere, certainly not to the ranch. Still, killing all the guards one by one with the bow is kind of the point. I had to restart the game to reset the mission script and this time did the conventional sneak onto the truck, go to the ranch, take the pics, and grab Paul. And now as my reward I've got the so-called autocross (crossbow that reloads like an automatic rifle), which is entirely the point: with this little toy, I am now invincible again.  (cheer)
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