HardwareDisplay multiple inputs (DVI-I/VGA/HDMI)


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(there probably is/are valid use case(s) for synergy; just not sure how it beats vnc or plain ole ssh. separate displays? really?)

The kv(m) switcher seems to be working ok, though I've only got the kb hooked up ATM (which uses the most real estate, obviously). I'm transferring a bunch of files from the old pc to the new, other than that particular scenario I will probably not be running both simultaneously very often. The switch just saves wear and tear on the usb plug & receptacle, and me having to remember (never a good bet) I suppose.

I have to keep a mini kb hooked up to the old pc via a ps2 converter plug since it never worked from usb until booted into an os (a defect of the k9mm-v design). After boot the shared kb works a treat.
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