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We saw these back to back, mainly because I was intrigued by the premise of Winchester, and after viewing The Haunting it became a must-see. Two very different movies of their respective eras, both successful on their own terms -- Winchester less so.

The Haunting has a better plot, and a better filmic realization of the plot, with a formidable cast (including Twin Peaks' Dr. Jacobi!) in glorious black and white, and splendid not-CGI effects.

Winchester has Helen Mirren. It also has an interesting premise, which the plot doesn't really live up to, even though it is a very simple premise, which I found quite disappointing.

It has reasonably good cinematography and CGI -- 'serviceable' might be a better word. The cast other than Mirren is meh.

It was filmed somewhere in Australia, by Australian film companies, and after this was liberally advertised in the opening credits with assorted logos and such, I found it mentally hard to re-situate it in San Jose, California.

Still, I quite liked it. Credit for that is probably more due Helen Mirren than any of the rest.
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