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 From:  ANT_THOMAS  
 To:  ALL
Doesn't know what it wants to be, not very good.
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 From:  graphitone  
 To:  ANT_THOMAS     
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Is it like Honey I Shrunk The Kids?

If it is, does Matt Damon play the Rick Moranis character? :)
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 From:  ANT_THOMAS  
 To:  graphitone     
42120.3 In reply to 42120.2 
I guess in the fact they are shrunk, but it's not amusing.

It could have gone down an interesting human rights or environmental angle, and it did brush those topics, but didn't bother.
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 From:  JonCooper  
 To:  graphitone     
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no, and no

He is not involved in the process at all, it's done to him and seems quite scary

It seems to be more of a social / relationship exploration

but, as Ant says, no real idea of what it's trying to do/say

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