Games (inc Online)Grim Fandango free on GOG


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 From:  william (WILLIAMA)  
 To:  ALL
Remastered version. Free. One of the best adventure games ever made. That's it.

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 From:  Kalsarikänni (DSMITHHFX)  
 To:  william (WILLIAMA)     
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Got it, though it's probably a future pc install. Not supported on xp, in theory supported on Ubuntu though not sure if I can still get binary drivers for 4650 agp...
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 From:  graphitone  
 To:  william (WILLIAMA)     
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Got it as well. I played the original long ago and the only thing I remember about it is getting stuck on a puzzle in a forest with a large orange thing driving a racing car.
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 From:  Chris (CHRISSS)  
 To:  william (WILLIAMA)     
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Woo, got it. Thanks :)

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