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 From:  Kalsarikänni (DSMITHHFX)  
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American's CIA version of Tinker Tailor's MI5 monkeyshines, though preceding the 2011 film release of that name, dealing with some of the same arch villians (notably Kim Philby, and his American counterpart), starring Batman and Robin, Beetlejuice and some other people.

Regrettably, Batman did not have a screen or voice-over presence, and was written out of the script, so that left Robin to carry the can. Also lacking the Alicia Silverstone phwar factor (thanks to Kenny for that vivid bit of phrasing, though it went unmentioned in the credits).

Anyhoo, we got to see Robin with grey hair. So there's that.

“Heart association president has heart attack during heart health conference”
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