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Hi, I wouldn't expect the permissions to be altered, either, but it looks as if some one ran a command to change permissions and instead of just dirs, did all files, too.  I don't believe it's an ownership issue, now, either - after a bunch of fresh installs, reinstalls, reinstall with old database, reinstall with brand new db, occurred to me that I wasn't using the top-level admin account.  I asked if I was using the administrator account - and I wasn't.  I then located a file - somewhere - that had the administrator account's name (maybe in PHPMyAdmin?) 

hat I am looking at, now that I know, is a user specific error, now, for which I haven't begun troubleshooting.  Had I known or thought to ask if I was using an admin account, well, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation :)  

The user:group ownership looks accurate across the board, too - but I had no positive way of knowing that there might be some oddball issue or redirect in a file that requires certain structures with certain ownership or permissions (although I don't see why this would be, with Beehive, and why I was scratching my head, as it looks straightforward.  But, then again, I've seen some Wordpress plugins or themes that refuse without 755 on the files, too - which still makes me shake my head).  Maybe if I thoroughly debugged the software from the ground up I would determine that, but that would defeat the purpose of this thread :D

I hope it's a simple cookie error.  If it's a user without full permissions - this would also explain why I am having so many difficulties with upgrades, as I was proceeding to manually dump the database and check against a fresh install for missing tables or the like.  Needless to say, that would be much more work than I initially expected.

I will update with what I find as soon as I can.  I am very grateful for all the help.  Thanks!
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