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Have you received a message like this:

An error has occured. Please wait a few moments and then click the Retry button below. Details of the error have been saved to the default error log.

If you have, please read these instructions before you post asking for help.

Beehive Forum includes a comprehensive error reporter which can be used to help diagnose faults and find bugs in the software. This error reporter is indispensable in helping to develop the project and should be used at all times when reporting problems you have with the software.

In older releases the error reporter was enabled by default and set to output error messages to all clients but with the release of Beehive Forum 0.8 it was decided the error reporter should at least be partially silenced and the error reports instead sent to the system error log (Apache error_log or similar). This was primarily done to reduce the security risk associated with potentially sensitive data being released to end users.

Because not everyone has access to their server's error log (shared hosting, etc.) we have also implement error reporting by email. With this option you can continue to receive detailed error messages from your Beehive Forum installation with none of the associated risks. It also means you can continue to report bugs back to the development team and get help diagnosing faults.

To enable the error reporter after installation, assuming you didn't tick the "Enable error reports by email to Admin Email Address" option in the installer please read on.

This process applies to Beehive Forum 0.8 and newer only. Please note that older versions of the software already have the error reporter enabled by default.

To enable error reporting after upgrading you will need to manually edit the file generated during the installation process of your Beehive Forum. You will find this file within the include folder on your web space. Please do not use the file from the distribution archive. This is a template file used by the installer and will not work without further changes.

To begin, download the using FTP and save it somewhere on your PC. As good place as any is your desktop. Once you have it downloaded make a copy of the file just in case something goes wrong and then open it using a text editor. Windows users are recommended to use Notepad. Please do not use Microsoft Wordpad or Microsoft Word, or any other word processor for that matter, unless you know what you're doing, as these may cause problems with the format of the file. *nux users, we're sure you'll do just fine with vi or vim or even gedit.

To actually enable the error handler you need to change two variables. The first variable to be changed is named $error_report_verbose and should be changed from false to true. Second is the $error_report_email_addr_to variable. This is where you should enter your email address. Once changed the variables should look a bit like this:

php code:
    $error_report_verbose = true;
    $error_report_email_addr_to = '';

Once you've made the changes save the file. If given the choice save the file as UTF-8 encoded with PC / Windows line endings. This will make the file more portable and easier to edit later.

Finally upload the modified making sure to replace the existing copy and check that your Beehive Forum continues to function. If it does, sit back and wait to see if you receive any error reports. If you don't it's quite possible you're not actually getting any errors which is a good thing, but if you suspect you should be check that the email address is correct.

If you can't get the error reporting to function or if you break your Beehive Forum you can simply restore the copy of you made earlier and try again.

Now that you have your error message you can post it here asking for help.






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