Eye of the Temple (VR game)

From: william (WILLIAMA)31 Mar 18:58
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Anybody looking for a new and different VR game ought to take a look at this. I heard about when the author posted a brief plug on Reddit, and as it wasn't many beer tokens (It's £17.99 at the moment but I had a discount voucher) I got a copy. Only just got round to playing it and haven't had much chance to get far, but from the off it's been great fun. 

You need a space of about 2 metres by 2 metres, but that's all. You move about in steps, but it's organised so that if you step one way, there will be a compensating step that keeps you in the boundary.

The graphics are excellent and there's a really powerful sensation of being in and moving through a wide open space. It opens with you standing on a "solid" platform. About you are stone blocks moving back and forth. One is coming up to you, pausing, and then heading off. You step on and away you go. At the end of its travel, you step off (to the side) onto another platform. The sensation of having moved a substantial distance is perfect. And on it goes.

There are puzzles to solve and artefacts to collect. You're armed, in true Indi fashion, with a whip and a flaming torch.

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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 1 Apr 17:12
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I had a look at the trailer, even though I don't have a 3d rig and got no plans. I get stuck very easily by computer game puzzles, because I'm not clever. I'm stuck on two games ATM (are you still stuck even though you've given up?), Sniper Ghost Warrior Kill Glutten Something, stuck on dumb parkour-style puzzles where you have to crawl, climb and jump up, down and around, and if you fuck up, it's back to square one. Very frustrating. One I did manage after following a youtube tutorial, which was embarrassingly simple, then I so badly wanted to finish the level that I choked on some fairly easy combat and ... back to square one. JFC. Hate those puzzles. The actual sniping part is pretty cool, because the gun is wobbly, there's wind and bullet-drop etc, all very pseudo-scientific. Also, the heads explode in various cool ways. I'm trying to psych myself up to go back in. Still a ways to go.
From: william (WILLIAMA) 1 Apr 23:11
are you still stuck even though you've given up?

Well, maybe. It's those games where you want to throw the controller at somebody, preferably somebody on the game's design team. The ones where you realise you don't actually want to develop those skills.

Some games have beautiful puzzles. I still recall Zork Grand Inquisitor when I discovered how to use the spell to turn purple things invisible.