Just passing through

From: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 5 Mar 13:03
To: ALL1 of 6
My password management software told me my password here was weak, so I cam to change it.

Thought I'd say hi while I'm here. Hope everyone is doing well and isn't mental.

EDIT: I should change that signature, it's a little bleak.
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 5 Mar 13:44
To: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 2 of 6
Is it a music lyric?
From: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 5 Mar 13:45
It is indeed, from a band called Cancer Bats.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX) 5 Mar 13:54
To: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 4 of 6
OMG they're a Toronto band! (I am soooo out of the loop)
From: Dan (HERMAND) 5 Mar 14:05
To: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 5 of 6
Easy Wayne! I do have such twinges of nostalgia for the old days - I've never really found a replacement for a place like this with a similar crowd/atmosphere etc
From: william (WILLIAMA) 5 Mar 22:25
To: Wayne (SCOREZ2000) 6 of 6
Before you disappear for a few years, I'd be fascinated to hear what you thought of TOTK seeing as you were/are a big fan of BOTW.