Russell Brand

From: william (WILLIAMA)18 Sep 2023 21:28
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OK. I confess, I really liked his Big Brother stuff (Big Mouth etc) and occasionally some of the stand up stuff that got on the telly. Bit disappointed by other, later stand up stuff/film appearances because it was a bit talentless. Somewhere between unimpressed and confused by the later ranty anti-politics stuff (don't vote etc). Finally couldn't be arsed to watch any of the Youtube bollocks and conspiracy shit, because why would you? Am I surprised that he turns out to be a sort of bargain-basement junior Jimmy Savile? Not really, I suppose.

From: milko19 Sep 2023 14:17
To: william (WILLIAMA) 2 of 2
mm, seems to have been one of those 'everyone knew for ages' things. Again. Complete with accusers being silenced legally and so on.

Moving to all his right-wing conspiracy stuff seemed to be well-timed considering he's presumably persona non-grata in the normal media sphere from now on.